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Elaine Henderson B.A. Hons Ceramic Design

After a career of teaching music in Scottish schools, I took up pottery at night classes and became hooked enough to complete a B.A . Hons in Ceramics at the iconic Glasgow School of Art. It was here that I made many connections with wonderful potters the world over, and received a brilliant education in this magical material.  I aim to show my delight in ceramic form, texture and colour with great attention to detail and concern for the practical use of functional pieces. I also love to experiment with the expressive and imaginative possibilities of glaze in purely abstract work.

From 2007 -2019 my husband and I lived in Stromness, in the Northern Isles of Orkney. Here we were drawn by an amazing landscape, constant reminders of its Neolithic past, and by its unique cultural and natural heritage. Grounded in agriculture and fishery, submitting to the limitations of island life and the often very challenging weather, there is a discipline in living here which corresponds to working with clay- one cannot control everything but must work with what is given.

In 2019 we moved south to the Scottish Borders to be closer to family. From being surrounded by sea, we are now in the most landlocked area of Scotland and surrounded by trees!

If you are interested in buying my work, want to commission a special piece, or are interested in lessons, please use my Contacts page. Studio visits can be made by appointment and I also teach individuals and small groups, so whether you are local or a visitor, perhaps we will meet one way or another!

With one of the seven black porcelain bowls designed as prizes for the winners of the New Music Scotland Awards 2017. Each bowl was inlaid with a sampled soundbite from the winner's composition.

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