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I had been a member of the Orkney Craft Association for almost ten years, and was its secretary for three years. During this time I also instigated and directed an Orkney Craft Festival which was set up to highlight the skills of the many crafts people who live here. My husband Mike made the video below and a spoof with the highlights above!

The "proper" film.

Two of the following videos were made by myself as art school projects.


The first one, Hoedown, was after we had been given the task of bringing a painting to life. I chose one by the Scottish painter John Maxwell, made the figures from clay which were then fired and painted in acrylic. This was my first and only attempt at stop-start animation!

The next one was after being set the task of making work in the style of a genre we didn't like, so I created a kind of Mad Max Tea Party.

Finally, I was very grateful when a friend ( Victoria Rhodes) who is in the Orkney Movie Group used their more professional skills and equipment to record one of my later projects, Too Hot to Handle.

My Channel

My Channel

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