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2 hours per week if shared lesson with one other, 1 hour per week if solo lesson.

For 2022, prices will be £20 each per 2 hour shared lesson; for solo lesson, £20 for 1 hour

Price includes materials and firing costs.

Please bring a pinny, wear old shoes/clothes, a camera or phone and notebook!


Lesson One : Using the Wheel, Building from Slabs.

Introduction to types and qualities of raw/fired  clay and tools. Glossary sheet with recommended websites and instructional videos. Ideas sheet : for feet,lids, handles.

Demo: throwing on wheel/ using slabs/ pinch pot.

1. Throw an 8oz earthenware dish on the wheel. 

2. Use hand building techniques to make a box or jar from 1lb earthenware clay, with a foot,

    lid or handle, assemble.

HOMEWORK! Make clay figure, animal or pinch pot from 8oz earthenware flax or plastic clay.

Lesson Two: Using the Wheel, Decorating.

Demo: throwing/glaze dipping/ impressing and carving/ making and adding sprigs/ stencilling

1. Throw a 1lb mug or jug from stoneware clay on the wheel.

2. Using coloured slip and transparent glaze, prepare 2 pieces from first lesson for second firing.

3. Impressing, carving, sprigging techniques on terracotta tile ready for biscuit firing.

HOMEWORK! Design own pattern for painting or transfer ( take home hints and tips sheet); find glazed white ware to bring to class to decorate with transfers, enamels, or porcelain pens.

Lesson Three: Trimming, Pulling Handles, Coiling, Coloured Earthenware Glazes.

Demo: Coiling, pulling handle, transfers, enamels, porcelain pens, trimming.

1. Trim practice pot. Trim own mug/ jug. Add handle.

2. Coil a 1lb terracotta pot.

3. Using earthenware glaze, coloured slips or underglaze stains, paint homework  piece  from week one and terracotta tile from second week.

4. Application of ceramic transfers, enamel or pens on white ware.

5. If time, practice throwing.

HOMEWORK! Consider own project - maximum weight 3 lbs.

Lesson Four : Coloured Stoneware Glazes, Using Moulds, Own Project.

1. Glaze mug/jug.

2. Glaze coiled pot.

3. Use a hump, bowl or beaker  mould to make plate, dish or bowl or vase from 1 - 2lbs earthenware , terracotta or stoneware. Choose what type of foot to add. Make foot or lid on wheel.

4. Start own project. Aim to be ready for first firing by end of lesson 5.

5.If time, practice throwing.

Lessons  Five. 

Glaze moulded vessel. Continue own project , prepare for bisque firing.


Lesson Six.

Finish glazing of own project.

All pieces from last lesson(s) will be fired and ready to pick up one week after finish of course.You should have made eight to ten pieces. ( 8oz earthenware bowl, 1lb slab piece, 8 oz flax or plastic clay piece, 1lb stoneware jug or mug, terracotta tile, 3lb mould piece, 1lb terracotta coiled piece, transfer piece, 3lb own project.)

All students can elect to put forward pieces for the Hall of Fame page on this website!

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