Please bring a pinny, a camera or phone and wear old shoes/clothes!

Lesson One

Introduction to types and qualities of raw/fired  clay and tools.Glossary sheet given out.

Throwing on wheel demo

Handbuilding demo

1. Throw a flat earthenware dish on the wheel; slip- decorate it ready for biscuit firing.

2. Use hand building techniques to make a box or jar from earthenware clay, with a foot

    lid or handle, assemble.

HOMEWORK! Make clay figure or animal from earthenware flax clay.

Lesson Two

1. Throw a bowl from stoneware clay on the wheel.

2. Using earthenware glazes, glaze  piece  from first lesson for second firing.

3. Impressing and carving techniques on flat earthenware slab ready for biscuit firing.

HOMEWORK! Design own pattern or use digital photo editing for ceramic transfers..

Lesson Three

1. Trim  second  lesson’s  bowl .

2. Using earthenware glaze or underglaze stains, paint  figure  from week one and 

    paint flat earthenware slab from second week.

4. Application of ceramic transfers.

HOMEWORK! Design own project

Lesson Four

1. Glaze last week’s bowl.

2.. Use a hump, bowl or beaker  mould to make vessel from earthenware or stoneware        clay.Choose what type of foot to add.

4. Start own project. Aim to be ready for first firing by end of lesson 5.

Lessons  Five and Six

 1. Glaze moulded vessel.

 2. Finish glazing of own project..

All pieces from last lesson(s) will be fired and ready to pick up after two weeks.You should have a minimum of eight wonderful works of art!

All students can elect to put forward pieces for the Hall of Fame page on this website!