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News for Spring 2024 

Here are some images of work from my exhibition The Science of Imaginary Solutions, at Hawick Museum from March to May 24th this year. Please scroll down for some background information on this. And here is an invitation from Live Borders to see the film about my Orkney work, Too Hot To Handle.

The Centre Holds

At the end of 2023 I was delighted to have a piece shortlisted for the new Scottish Landscape Awards. It was on display as part of the exhibition  at the City Art Centre until March of this year, and has now been sold to a private collector.

Following this  I was offered a solo exhibition space in the Waterfall Gallery, Hawick Museum. As well as curating a range of work some of it dating back to my Orkney days, it was also a privilege to be given the time and space to develop  a  new work:  "The Centre Holds" is an installation of seven pieces and is a refutation of  W.B.Yeats'  line from The Second Coming that all is chaos and anarchy. 

I would like to thank all the Live Borders team at the museum for firstly allowing me this 'breathing space', then for their technical expertise:  making the range of plinths which contributed so much to the displays within the actual space in the gallery, taking superb photos, making sure fixtures were secure, wall pieces hung correctly, lighting suitable, hand outs readable and opening refreshments provided. I was very appreciative!

I am hoping to show a short narrative film "Too Hot To Handle" at some point before the exhibition ends on May 24th which will give anyone interested a chance to talk with me about my work. The time and date will be on my and Live Borders' social media so I do hope to see some of you there.

But before then I shall also be at Art at Ancrum again this year, from 4th - 6th May. For this I will be going back to a potter's bread and butter - tableware! (Although there may also be one or two examples of wall hangings in  etched porcelain, as I can't resist exploring new avenues of expression....)

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