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Light in weight but reassuringly durable, finely thrown flecked stoneware in two ranges available in mugs, small and large jugs, vases and bowls: Hoy and Yesnaby.

Hoy : Four different glazes are used to conjure up the subtleties of a landscape whose appearance can change in an instant. You may see a bird blown off-course, a horizon emerge from the clouds and disappear, a slant of rain, a distant flash of green. Peter Maxwell Davies lived and composed here for some years, the pounding roar of Rackwick a constant companion. 

Yesnaby: the rocks on the north west coast of Orkney, thrust up from ancient Lake Orcadie millions of years ago, are witness to the origins of life on earth. Fossilised remains of plant bacteria called stromatolites are embedded in the dramatic black lichen-covered sea cliffs, while giant Atlantic waves and spray  gradually erode  sandstone stacks into monumental sculptures.  
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