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News for 2022.

In June of this year I learnt that I was to become a grandma, and here we are six months later with the miraculous creation of a new human, a boy, named Eli. To say that he is both the best Christmas gift ever and a reminder of one's priorities is an understatement. As Leonardo said, who can compete, or would want to, with nature? So I hope to help in the raising of our grandson, which will also focus my energies in my own creativity. After spending the last 14 years nailing the craft of pottery, I'd like to think that now is the time I can follow my heart and instincts in new directions. The last year particularly has been rich in terms of teaching - I have met some lovely people who have probably taught me more than they realise. However, I need now to rethink these commitments. Recent energy cost rises make it crucial that value for money is achieved: therefore teaching periods will be shorter and more intensive. What I make myself equally has to be an equally effective use of time and energy. This may involve more handbuilding; certainly more glaze development, but what I'm most concerned with is the meaning and intention of work. As I spend more time reading philosophy and poetry I'd like to be able to reflect this in whatever I make. Whether or not this will be successful, I will leave till this time next year! Meanwhile these are the last images I'm posting for this year, of work I hope to develop.

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